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    Shanghai Rubber Machinery Works NO.1 CO.,LTD.founded in 1917,has been marketing its products all over the nation and to contries in Southeast Asia and Middle East with long history of manufacturing various kinds of universal rubber equipment and frofessional type equipment.The company is well-thought-of in national rubber industrial field.
      The works is located in Jinqiao Development Zone in Pudong District occupying about 20,000m2 The new production base has changed the production environment,works appearance and products structure a lot.In recent years,the company has recruited a batch of well-educated project technicians and purchased superior equipments for promoting development of products.It has enabled the company be more competitive in market economy and established basis for furth development of the corporation that the company has successively developed the radical ply type building machine series,full diameter rotary curing machine,large-angle steel wire cloth laser cutting machine,inner tube curing equipment of high tonnage,etc.Especially the XLG-2200x3200 full diameter rotary curing machine and the huge engineering tyre building machine that has filled in national vacancy.
    Main products:

  1. Rotary Curing Machine: DLG – 700 × 1400 DLG – 700 × 1800 XLG –1100 × 2000 XLG –2200 × 3200 Our company can design for users to choice. 
  2. LCY – 1518 LCE – 1518 LCY – 1316 LCE – 1316 Radial truck tire building machine.XJ – 150 Silastic Extruding machine.
  3. Apex assembling machine
  4. XY-3I φ 900 × 3400 Rubber calander.
  5. Typr barking machine.
  6. Type Grinding and oolishing machine. 
  7. X S K – 160 250 400 400B 450A 550A open mixing mill series.
  8. LLN – 910A 1200A 1430A 1430B high tonnage inner tube curing press series. 
  9. XJ – 65 85 115 150 200 250 Extruder machine and XJL – 150 plastic machine filter 。

    business policy: Improve old products,
                       The development of new products,
                       The introduction of advanced technology,
                       Upgrade products.
             Users at home and abroad to provide quality products and services.

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